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About SMARTEC bv and SMARTEC s.a.r.l.


Almost 20 years ago, Smartec bv was born out of a laboratory concept, when a temperature sensor was developed at the Delft University of Technology. This digital sensor proved to be more accurate and stable than the digital temperature sensors that were on the market at that time. The Smartec temperature sensors do not need calibration and they prove to be extremely stable and reliable.

A very strong feature is the possibility to measure with a resolution of 0.005 Kelvin, without any extra effort. Specifications that are still valid now, more than 15 years later. Since 1992 millions of sensors have been sold worldwide. The concept of the company was very new in those days because all production was organised on a partnership base. Smartec built up strategic alliances with first class companies like the semiconductor companies in the Far East as well as with European companies. These alliances have led to long-term partnerships, excelling in close cooperation in research and development, not only with Smartec but also with numerous Universities of Technology all over Europe.


After the introduction of the digital temperature sensor we were glad to offer the market our humidity and infrared sensor as well as a whole range of pressure sensors.

The latest successful step in the Smartec history was made by launching the Universal Transducer Interface (UTI), a family of interface chips that can interface and digitise all kinds of sensor signals. For measuring low value capacitances with an resolution of more than 15 bits, this chip is the best in the world. The device is in full production and millions of UTI's and many types of custom-made derivations along with it, have found their way to the customer.


For more than a decade the manufacturing company SMARTEC bv in the Netherlands has been extending its sales network, and we are proud to say that we are represented in more than 20 countries. SMARTEC s.a.r.l. was founded in the year 2000 in France, as a European distributor, highly specialised in Smartec products. Originally Smartec s.a.r.l. was created to serve the French market in particular, but after the introduction of the Euro and the disappearance of the European borders, Smartec s.a.r.l. successfully extended it's activities into other European countries.


In a number of  cases, selecting your language (by clicking the flag of your choice), will make the headers of the pages show the name and phone number of the distributor in your country.  In those cases the Sales and Contact page will also give you more information about such a distributor.

In other cases, please do not hesitate to contact us, in order to discuss your application and to see if we can find you a contact person that is convenient for you.


All relevant documentation and files (data sheet, application notes, software etc.) for our products can be downloaded from the SUPPORTSHOP page.